Myth 1

A common misconception is that bad breath or, halitosis, results from poor digestion in the stomach.

TRUTH: A small percentage of bad breath problems may be due to stomach and digestive problems, but the overwhelming majority of bad breath arises from the back of the mouth where bacteria feed on mucus and food particles creating odorous sulfur compounds.

Myth 2

Brushing and flossing can eliminate bad breath. Unfortunately, most people do not brush their teeth properly.

TRUTH: It takes at least 3 minutes to brush teeth successfully most only spend 30-45 seconds brushing. Consequently, they consistently miss tooth surfaces where bacteria are allowed to proliferate and create odorous volatile sulfur compounds.

One can brush and floss properly and still be unsuccessful at eliminating halitosis. The problem is that odor-causing bacteria hides deep in the crevices of the tongue. Cleaning the tongue with a tongue scraper will remove this layer of mucus and proteins exposing bacteria and freshening breath.

Myth 3

Mouthwash, unfortunately, only temporarily masks bad breath and is useless in treating bad breath.

TRUTH: In fact, most mouthwashes contribute to the formation of bad breath. Conventional mouthwash contains mostly alcohol, which dries the mouth; a dry mouth is the perfect receptacle for bad breath to grow.

Myth 4

Temporary bad breath comes from the foods we eat. Foods like onions and cabbage contain high amounts of sulfur, when digested, the sulfur compounds are absorbed into the bloodstream and carried to the lungs then exhaled as we breathe, causing our breath to smell.

Chronic bad breath, however, is not caused by the foods we eat.

TRUTH: Instead, chronic bad breath results when bacteria in the mouth breaks down leftover food particles creating odorous sulfur particles. The primary goal in this case is not a change in diet, but a reduction in the number of odor causing bacteria in the mouth.

Ultimately, you must brush, floss, scrape your tongue and schedule annual dental cleanings in order to stay kissable.

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