Similar to when the check-engine light turns on in your car. You know it’s going to cost you, so you push going to the mechanic to avoid the cost.

And, somehow… when you finally go to the shop – you either have

either have a HUGE sigh of relief,  because it costed $100 bucks


or it turned into a “Well, I might as well buy a new car” type cost.

The same thing can happen when it comes to dental.

Not to worry – replacing a tooth is NOT as expensive as a new car. So you’re in luck!

However, overlooking your tooth pain or injury over time – is asking for a more expensive situation.

A dental emergency – even if you can stand the pain – commands prompt, professional evaluation and treatment to save your teeth and protect your general health. Knocked-out teeth, lost fillings, damaged crowns, and tooth fractures can all lead to more expensive repairs when ignored.  Gum damage can set the stage for infection, and oral infections can spread to other parts of your body, such as your jaw, neck, and head.  If you have an accidental injury to your teeth or gums, emergency dental treatment is always the wisest choice.

What are my dental emergency treatment options? 

Dentists today have an assortment of ways to deal with emergency dental circumstances. Modern dentistry offers advances in pain management and new ways to restore damaged or missing teeth. Durable, natural looking, synthetic materials can be used for restorations. In an emergency situation, a dental professional can quickly determine the seriousness of your injury and provide you with options.

At what point should I schedule an appointment? 

Swift action in a dental emergency saves teeth. If you’re not sure whether or not a problem is truly urgent, play it safe and seek help. Your dentist will tell you that if there is pain involved, it is an emergency; pain often indicates involvement of the inner structures or nerves of your teeth. Even injuries that seem minor can cause serious damage, but timely treatment can prevent it from getting worse. If you experience pain after an injury, or there is visible damage to your tooth, call your emergency dental clinic as soon as possible.

What is the cost of an emergency case? 

There is no additional charge to making a regular dental appointment and a emergency dental appointment. Often times, however,  dental clinics are booked with existing clients. This means, there could be at least a 1 to 3 week wait to see your dentist. If you are already procrastinating and some weeks have gone by – remember there will be at least two more.  It’s simply about more time slipping by. The more time that the tooth is getting impacted by eating and everyday life. Basically, it all adds up – which could lead to deeper fractures and more tooth lost.


Another scenario is –  if you procrastinated on booking your appointment. Fine, you are human. You have one in two weeks as of – well, now. Great. Now, imagine it’s 2 days into your 2 week wait and all of a sudden pain begins to happen? Dental practices are first come first serve as mentioned above – when you need immediate emergency care sometimes you can’t even go to your local dentist. You will have to reach out to dentists you have never tried before, this is ok – but, it’s still nice to go to somebody you know, like and trust.



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