You couldn’t get a date, so you decided, it must be the yellowish glow on your teeth, oh and you smoke! You quit smoking immediately and started out simple and bought a teeth whitening rinse. You began to see slight results, and so your bleacherexia began. Then, the inevitable happened…all of the sudden your teeth are super sensitive to hot and cold and every other day they ache with pain. Your whites are pearly, kinda. Here are 4 things you should’ve known before bleach binging.

1. Visit Your Dentist First, He’ll Set You Straight

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Going to the dentist can be a drag, however your bi-yearly check-ups keep you on top of your oral health. So, let your dentist recommend the best whitening treatment for your situation. Also, if your enamel is damaged due to constant whitening, your dentist will have to perform additional treatments costing you MO MONEY. Grrrrrrr!

2. Whitening Mouthwashes Have Little Value

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Super bogus, right? Whitening  mouthwashes provide very little results, expensive and are chocked full of alcohol. The alcohol causes your mouth to dry and bacteria to multiply causing your breath to wreak, nasty! It also tastes awful and burns like hell, have you tried them? It’s like rinsing with moonshine right after you’ve accidentally bit your cheek, OUCH!

3. Limit Your Whitening Strip Usage

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Have you ever taken a look at the instructions on your whitening strips package? There is a reason they provide limited directions, when you leave the strips on longer than needed or use them too often, unattractive blotches and teeth sensitivity can occur. It’s best that you limit your strip usage to twice per year, not twice a week.

4. Never Use Multiple Whitening Products At The Same Time


Hoarding together every teeth whitening option is a big NO NO! You’ve gone too far, you’ve stripped, you’ve washed, you’ve tray whitened, you’ve zoom’d and now, your teeth look crazy, they glow in the dark. A rule of thumb is your teeth should be the same color as the whites of your eyes. Using all of these products constantly will leave crazy splotches on your teeth, discoloring them, the very thing whitening is supposed to prevent. Back away from using multiple options and find what works best for you. Just because it’s available does not mean you should use them, ALL.

Now that we’ve schooled you with teeth whitening knowledge, call your dentist for a check up and request some information on what you can do to keep your teeth white and healthy.

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