Getting Used To Your Dentures

Dentures often will feel strange and bulky. New dentures are uncomfortable when  first placed in your mouth. Several days or even a few weeks will be required for you to feel accustomed to them.  

What’s one way to get used to them faster?

→ Consider wearing your dentures all the time, even at night, to adapt to them more quickly. After you have become accustomed to them, you take them out at night and develop a proper cleaning routine.

Also, It is common to feel sore places on your gums as you adjust to your new dentures. If you develop a sore spot, rinse your mouth with warm salt water and return to the practice as needed for a denture adjustment. In time, these feelings will subside and you will feel more comfortable especially after adjustments have been made. Remember, time, patience and willpower are your biggest allies.

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